Monday, August 31, 2009

A Song of Being Empty

by Jelalludin Rumi; translation - Coleman Barks


A certain sufi tore his robe in grief, and the tearing
brought such a relief he gave

the robe the name faraji, which means "ripped open," or
"happiness," or "one who brings

the joy of being opened." It comes from the stem faraj,
which also refers to

the genitals, male and female. His teacher understood
the purity of the action,

while others just saw the ragged appearance. If you want
peace and purity, tear

away your coverings. This is the purpose of emotion, to
let a streaming beauty

flow through you. Call it spirit, elixir, or the original
agreement between yourself

and God. Opening into that gives peace, a song of being
empty, pure silence.


Sandi said...

This makes me think. I have always used my coverings to protect myself from emotion. My culture whispers to me that allowing too much emotion in leads to loss of control, which is, in my world, deemed a bad thing. I have not defined it as streaming beauty but when I think back I know that this is true, so true.

el poquito said...

it's all a part of being a human, ain't it, the covering, the protection, the cultures, the controlling or lack of. And the streaming beauty.

We're all just varying clumsy humans fumbling along as best we can. Thing is, we've gotta get smart fast, otherwise that peace remains distant.

Pass the elixir, please.

el po