Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Update: Winter 2013

Someone brought it to my attention today [thanks, Jack], that when they looked for any new writings on my blog, "Flor y Canto," that they didn't find anything recent. I explained that I had brought this one to a close and had opened a new annex a couple years ago:

It's where you can find me now. "Flor y Canto" served its purpose and the new "playground" is mostly a collection of whatever strikes me as collectable. Consider it a garden with an eclectic assortment of art objects. 

It was 8 yrs ago, on Autumn equinox 2005, that I began the journey down the rabbit-hole with non-Hodgkins lymphoma as my companion/annoying roommate. It's a life-long relationship that led to a relapse in early 2012, that I mostly remained very quiet about, followed by "Re-mission: Part Two".  And here we are today.

Eight years ago was when the urge to write began. It's been my shovel -- my answer to the old Chinese riddle:

"How do you move a mountain?"

"One shovelful at a time."

Writing is my shovel. It's been with me steadily since, and I continue. For now, mostly the words are incubating in my computer, hopefully growing to some maturity when some of them will step out into the world. Until then, if you're looking for me, come visit over in the artgarden. Maybe it will inspire me to let some of them out into public domain again.

And if you're someone who has found yourself reading here through the circumstances of cancer and some internet link that brought you here, just know, if nothing else, this road called "Cancer" [which can often seem more like being dropped into a dark jungle without a path], that there are many footsteps of others who have gone before. Look closely. There IS a trail. You are not alone. Some of us down here even have shovels, machetes and other tools to help. This blog simply marks my own personal trail, one that has turned a supposedly "life-long, incurable cancer," into what I call the "Gravy Years" in my quest to live my best "well-lived life."

And really, it's all gravy for all of us, ain't it? Even if there's some lumps.

Again, the ArtGarden is:

And if you find yourself here with that annoying roommate trying to bully you that goes by the name of 'Cancer', and are interested in my own personal journey, you'll find the beginning of my breadcrumb trail through the jungle in the archives to the right - starting in July '08, as these are posted chronologically in reverse order starting with "Your One Wild and Precious Life" by Mary Oliver. Bring your shovel. There's a mountain to get moved. Many have done it. You can, too.