Monday, August 24, 2009

Ripples - clarity and disclaimer

Clarity is something el poquito lacks at times - a constant piece of work for me; more on that when I get to the 'mental quadrant'. Meanwhile, I wanted to clarify something about working with the wheel. Of all the suggestions, or ideas you come up with on your own, pick one thing - just one, to maybe nudge that barometer a tiny bit. We're not going for overhaul here. We're going for loving kindness toward self. What's just one thing in the physical area and one in the emotional that you could easily implement [if you want]?

Which leads me to the disclaimer. Get your salt shakers out. Take it all in, add a few grains of salt, consider, use as your own IF that is what resonates in you. Something that may be useful for me might be totally useless for you. Put bluntly: this is not Jonestown; there is no kool-aid - oh, and uh, there are no 'answers' - sorry - other than your own.

Why do I write all this then?

I dunno.

I write because I have to write. I'm writing THIS because it wants to be written. It's really nothing more than a travelogue of sorts of one man and then his allies who comment, offering their points of view. Turns out there seems to be a few more folks following this travelogue than I realized. They're coming through, quietly sitting at el poquito's table. That's fine and I welcome that. Truthfully, it kind of surprises me, but then, I have wanted to write more than just to myself - although I do recognize writing to myself as a big piece of this 'Restoration Project'. I also recognize the responsibility in having readers - which leads me to again say, "take it all with a major grain of salt." Use what works, toss the rest. It's only ripples on the water - my thought ripples crossing with yours.

I appreciate any and all feedback. You help me hone in. You help me find the ever elusive clarity. <--- guess that could be the Loch Ness monster hiding out with Bigfoot. Thanks for helping me find better clarity and thanks for coming by.

Good day to you all,


Sandi said...

I guess I never considered that you might be trying to build a cult, any more than Mark Twain was. Hope you don't mind the comparison. I like hearing a different viewpoint from my own, which has narrowed some as I got older. I like being provoked into self examination. Your writing has an honesty to it. But I have never picked up a tone of right or wrong. You have always humbly presented your writings as deeply personal...the reader is to take what is useful and leave the rest. It is what makes your blog so appealing. It was clear to me that we are not going for overhaul with the wheel, but thanks for being so concerned for your readers.

el poquito said...

Thanks so much Sandi. Glad to hear this is coming across as intended.

Speaking of Mark Twain, I came across a quote form him the other day which goes with this emotional quadrant:

"I have lived through some terrible things in my life - some of which actually happened."

- Mark Twain

Dedalus1947 said...

Salt shakers and lime sometimes compliment a good shot of tequila and sometimes they don't. There are different tastes and different flavors, but I always enjoy the tequila. You blog is good at many levels, and available at all. Keep digging. I'll be along to help.

el poquito said...

thanks Dedalus,

Ok, I'm there. I like my tequila without the salt. What a fine idea for the table here! And a good addition to the shoveling. We gotta make it enjoyable, right?

Good to have you here, especially bearing gifts of tequila!