Friday, February 6, 2009

the dictionary: on hate

very smart book that dictionary
with all its words and meanings and definitions
with its roots and etymology
always looking for the center of a thing
a feeling
an idea -
the defining essence in as few words as possible.
very smart book that dictionary
one of my favorite guiding scriptures
that contains all that is holy and sacred and blessed
without excluding the unholy and mundane and cursed.

the word holy and whole and heal
all from the same root -
and if one is the same as the other
or cousins at least
then the holy is the wholly
from the sacred to the profane.

i like that all-inclusive dictionary
and wonder what kind of a guy that webster was.

i look up "hate" as in "I hate cancer"
and learn it comes from the greek via the german word
the old word for hatred
hatred and sorrow
living side by side
children of the same parent word - kad
and this is one of the deepest and most profound things
that i've heard in a long, long time.
because underneath any hate I have
i also have great sorrow
or "kad".
i have great kad -
hate and sorrow.

and the greatest is the sorrow.


tarzan said...

And the opposite of hatred and sorrow are love and joy.........Which I believe are stronger and hold a greater place in our hearts.

An image in my mind of hatred and sorrow are darkness and tears.....

An image of love and joy is the light of a loving family and the precious smile of a grandchild.

God give us all the strength to replace the bad images that can creep in, with those of love, joy, hope, beauty, truth and mercy......

el poquito said...

Hey Tarzan,
I'll readily admit this is a discomforting poem about uncomfortable feelings, very human feelings. Hate is so easily accessible by most. But the sorrow that resides right next to, or right underneath the hate, is the truly uncomfortable feeling of sorrow that we disguise under the louder emotion of hate. Sorrow is a large part of the human landscape. It just struck me how those two words are branches connected to one trunk - and yes, love and joy also. And probably most folks have as much challenge with those emotions also. It ain't easy being human!

this is a 3 - parter on "the dictionary", but I recognize the hardness of it - so to be somewhat merciful, I'll spread them out with something a bit lighter in between to cleanse the palate.

At least I'll try!

thanks for stopping by and swapping thoughts. Some say that I think too much. You can probably guess who said that!

much love and appreciation,
-el p

Sandi said...

I like this piece. Combining feelings with pure intellect, the heart with the book...this is provocative. Can't wait to read the other parts of this.

redcharlie said...

Ed, I have a copy of What Learning Leaves by Taylor Mali for you and your wife, if you care to send me an address.