Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sitting by this river, my mind slows; spirit follows. Jaw unclenches; breath eases, deepens, and becomes full.

The rivers speak - the Kalamazoo, the Huron, the Rio Grande - waters moving through, pouring their wisdom of time and patience - their never-ending song, into me.

Quietly, my mind unwraps itself from around the every small thing it thought was important, crucial and urgent.

None of it was.

None was more important than this quiet peace and solitude I too easily give away.

Turning away from your screeching, screaming, self-important machinations of nothingness, I turn toward true Nothingness - the one that fills me with rushing river, scent of dry autumn and touch of warm breeze, carried here to me from somewhere more fully aligned with human soul; soul no one can define or describe, but that is felt rising above heaviness like the lotus rising above mud.

I am the mud. I am the lotus. I am the rising.

Those secrets the river spoke?
They are mine.

Now go - --

find yours.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hushhh,” the river said,
“leave your fretful, worried mind
here among the reeds.”


Sandi said...

Ahhhh, this is very nice. I especially like the image of my brain unwrapping itself from a teeny, tiny thing that I deemed crucial and so very important. Thanks.

el poquito said...

that 'unwrapping' is easier to do by the sound of rushing water, isn't it? But i have to try to find it everywhere - or at least more places than just the easy ones.

BTW: that emotional quadrant I was writing on? I never really stopped, it's just taken unexpected turns, but we never really left that road.

For me, being on the river is an immediate 'chill and relax' moment. We need all of that we can get for our emotional/mental well-being.

More on that later: how being in nature makes our brains work better, more efficiently, more happily.

Mickey Sperlich said...

Hello, and thanks for this lovely river poem. A few years ago I realized that 9/10ths of all the songs I have ever written were of rivers! Here's the start to one:

There's a river flowing through our lives
And it sings a mighty song.
May the river hold you in its arms
And carry you along.


el poquito said...

keep on rollin'
keep on rollin'
keep on rollin' along

[i'm hearing you ]

nice to see your smiling face and hear your song

looking forward to hearing the rest of it.

hey to the crew!