Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Four Circles Around the Sun:
Four Haiku

First Year: YaY!

precious, precious life
no one will turn down the light!
not ever again!


Second Year: Admission

autumn chill falls hard
memories flooding the ground
life never the same


Third Year: Fighting

live strong, viejo
build the new man from within
your labor's not lost


Fourth Year: Redefinition

write a new story
paint a color not seen
recreating 'here'



Anonymous said...

The beauty and the truth of these words brings tears to my eyes. Four circles round the sun indeed. A blessing for all of us-and my gratitude is abundant!
With love , la po

Dedalus1947 said...

Hmmm - interesting. My wife would say: "Of course, it's all about you!" And she would be right. September 22, an auspicious day - usually the beginning of fall, but also my BIRTHDAY (this is where my wife would mention the "all about me" thing). I rejoice that my birthday is a day of celebration for you too (it's also Bilbo Baggins' birthday). Let's celebrate! No, I mean, REALLY celebrate. We are both alive! Surviving the vagaries of life, we are still here. Now that is reason to celebrate!. Live long "El Poquito", you "are something!"

Happy Live Day!

el poquito said...

this moment tastes sweet;
made all the sweeter shared.

Happy birthday;
Happy rebirthday.

a good day to be alive;
a good day to love and be loved.

let's spread it around
and go make more...

Mickey Sperlich said...

Livestrong, indeed, my friend! Blessings on your sun trail!

el poquito said...

thank you Mickey. Live Strong, indeed!


Sylvan Woman said...

Your writing sings with the vibrations and bloom of life.

I toast you!