Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haibun on Visiting an Uneasy Place

I don't know how to explain it, how to capture something so large and reduce it to a gesture. You remind me of the places I never want to see again, of frightening roads and being alone lost in the dark. Traveling through to the other side of destruction, I see light in what once was your mind - spreading like a glistening pool, serenity in the eye of the storm. I see homelands and prairies; the cottonwood's shade; the river, and resting on its shore. Some things there are no words for.

Kali with her sword
lopping off another head
while she smiles at me


Stella Magdalen said...

Surprise! That's my girl!
I think I was a thuggee in a past life. Glad not to be now though. That's just a little extreme.

gert said...

i wake remembering the middle, the middle of all. no happiness in either direction.

el poquito said...

I shoulda known! I read that stella and laughed, "of course!" Bonus points: I learned the origins of the word thug, you ol' thuggee. Yes, we mellow with age, eh? or lifetimes, or something, maybe, if we're lucky.

From the extremes to the Middle Way - the two of you have managed to cover the whole playing field single handedly.

A couple of powerful women unknown to each other. My own little secret.

Back in the day, one of my 'secret' enjoyments was the folks who would pass by each other on the path coming up to our place. As one left and another arrived and they crossed paths, looking subtly at each other, kinda checking the 'other' out - in a curious way, not a 'hey there' kind of way. And for some reason, back in that day, all kinds of folks were coming here from the high-powered [on many levels] to the lowest of powered; from the very ill to the pampered in luxury - and everyone in-between and across the board of humanity. The door was always open to all, regardless. And I'd quietly chuckle to myself as a different stella and gert crossed paths in my yard, looking at the other, thinking, "huh. You come here too?"

I've got 'paths that cross' on my mind right now. guess you could tell.

love to both yaz,

gert said...

yeppers,,,,i have a stella buddy in chicago, that i ride with, and a stella in seattle,who is dark and fuzzy and makes me laugh. sending your blog to a buddy of mine, who is doing some rather advanced stuff with visualization and healing. punk on bro...gert

Sandi said...

I think I've been to this Uneasy Place.

el poquito said...

Hey Sandi,


And also the "serenity in the eye of the storm" - You know that also and the "resting on the shore."

Some of us know all the sides well.
Keeps it real.
Keeps me honest.

el po