Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday Haibun

Suction! Push! Now! -- PUSH! He's stuck! Turn him! Heartbeat's dropping! We've gotta get him out NOW! PUSH!

And with the strength of the hundreds of women of generations before, in one magnificent effort, she pushes him out, birthing our son. Out flops a dark purple, limp infant boy - tiny, without breath or movement - only a faint, slow heartbeat.

You're not dead.

As you're whisked away to neo-natal intensive care, "Go with him," she insists, and I leave her bleeding to follow you in search for air while over and over again I call you to earth by name:

"Elijah.... Elijah.... Elijah...."

after many days
and promises to help you
fear gives way to Life


gert said...

another miracle joined the planet. xoxogert

Sandi said...

My heart is soaring!

el poquito said...


And it continues. Fear continues to give way to the living of a good Life. 28 yrs worth so far.

and as an addendum, the little guy we used to call 'Chickenlegs' is tall, big and strong - overcoming all foreshadowing.

Dedalus1947 said...

Very interesting! My daughter was married on this day.

I'm still trying to weigh, assess, and analyze my take on the whole affair (Catholic nuptial mass, reception, dinner, and DJ). My little girl is now a wife, spouse, and companion to another man.

My wife Kathy keeps mentioning the circle of life, but it sounded so trite I refused to accept it

Why is it that the hardest advice to take, is the most obvious to children and fools? Birth, life, wonder, struggle, sadness, joy, and death. You know, it's all been sung about in the Blues. I need some John Lee Hooker about now.

el poquito said...

"Why is it that the hardest advice to take, is the most obvious to children and fools?"


Congrats on your daughter's milestone along with your own.

Each one of those milestones I'm here for is one more Bonus added to my pile of what was already a rich life.

And singing the blues beats crying them any day.

Good luck with all the many milestones your piling up - and Kathy? Sounds like a smart woman. Play your cards right maybe she'll keep you around.

;-) el