Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The goal is to live
with godlike composure
on the full rush of energy,
like Dionysus riding the leopard,
without being torn to pieces.

-Joseph Campbell



A bit of madness?


crashing, careening,
drunken abandonment;

swooning I fall;

I must -
down to earth
always, down to the earth
again and again.

That wheel of rebirth?
That fucking endless loop of frustration?
Just slit my throat!
Be done with it.
What? It makes no difference?!
Always was, always will be?
Takes the rip out of a
rippin' good suicide.
shit! a man can't even kill himself anymore.

a "bit-of-madness"?
~ perhaps ~
but I wear it well,
don't you think?

Who's that outside the door --
peering in the dark
through the window?

I hear your voice calling
my name; or a voice
calling a name. Voices.
I hear them. They're calling.
Don't be alarmed.
They always do that.
Ask the others.

A bit of madness:
the ghost talkers.

They keep secrets: about you,
whispering whispers
late at night
whispered secrets
most are


in sleep –
dreaming mysterious worlds.

I watch this one -
a guard
in the middle of the night
in a really good game of cards,
talking with ghosts,
sharing tequila
and secrets
with ghosts --

my ghost,

who stays up all night
painting the sky orange for morning.


Stella Magdalen said...

That's tellin' it like it is. I approve.

el poquito said...

knew ya would. but thanks for dropping by with some 'oh yeah' while i stand nekkid in the public square. some, you can just count on their 'getting it' - and it's always nice to 'be gotten' - at least by one or two.

guess that would make you, one.

el po

Sandi said...

I think we all wear a bit of madness well. Make me, two.