Saturday, May 9, 2009

god is alive; magic is afoot

This is my fourth spring of renewal; a commitment to healing and whatever that means or brings. Healing - too many words have been spoken and written on a mystery we all would like solved, but that will forever remain a mystery. Perhaps it's more about what can't be contained in a word. I like how in the old Jewish way the name we know as God is spelled G-d - the reason being to show there is no one word that could possibly contain the concept or name of the unnameable; no defining of Mystery. I like that. To me, they're saying: "We don't know.... It's too big for us to 'know'."

But I digress...

Each of these four springs, at one time or another, this old song of Buffy Sainte-Marie's [Cree Nation] has come to mind. As we break out of the looooong winter and Michigan is abloom with flowers and every flavor of flowering tree, as the air is perfumed with the scent of apple blossoms and lilac, at some moment of reverie this song will float into my head.

It just popped in again. This spring it arrives along with well-wishes for writer - friend, teacher - mentor, Luis Alberto Urrea, whom I dedicate this to. His latest book, a novel: "Into the Beautiful North", has just been released with good and strong reviews. If you've never read any of Luis' books, I highly recommend them. I mention him with this song because he is one who understands how and when magic is afoot - call it god, God, G-d, or nothing at all; he weaves magic with words, be they about immigration, border-lives and crossings, stories of his ancestor, Teresita the healer, in the days of the Mexican Revolution, or being the chicano haiku-master. He is a kind and generous person; and the highest of compliment in the indigenous world: a good human being. And, he tells a good story. Check him out. Look over here -----> under Links of Interest. Click on his name; it will take you to his website. Like I said: good man; worth checking out.

Lastly, this video contains much artwork of Huichol Indian artists. Their work is visionary; each painting ceremonial in nature - full of magic and mystery.

Enough said about the unspeakable.

Enjoy the blessings of Spring and Renewal.


Song: Buffy Sainte-Marie
Lyrics by Leonard Cohen:
Video by



Sandi said...

I'm not sure what I believe about god but I feel the magic in nature throughout the year. Spring is surely one of the most magical seasons. Loved the video! Thanks!

el poquito said...

To me, Great Mystery seems the most respectful and acknowledging of how small our knowledge is. I like it when humans are reminded of our smallness whether by staring awe-struck into the Milky Way or witnessing some other part of ordinary magic we look everyday right past. God is alive; magic is afoot - always, as long as we are awake and aware. It's up to each of us whether our eyes are open. But you know that, having been given circumstances you CHOOSE to use for awakening.


Ain't it grand?!