Tuesday, April 21, 2009

para mijo living on the north sea

When you tell me of all the history in the streets and buildings when you leave the comfort of your North Sea harbor and visit Amsterdam, I can see you, young man, full of life, vigor and strength, walking tall. Carry your ancestors with you. They too, walk those streets with you; they will walk with you down every road you go throughout the world, and every sea you cross. But you knew that.

Although we've all heard her story before, this video brings Anne, the writer, across strongly. This is one answer as to why we write. Keep writing mijo.

And may All Love surround you - always.
You know ours goes with you.

Music by Jochan Pachelbel-Video by Teodor The Glass Man

"I've found there's always some beauty left in nature, sunshine, freedom, in yourself; these things can all help you. Look at all these things, then you find yourself again, and God, and then you regain your balance." - Anne Frank


Info for when you visit Amsterdam again: www.annefrank.org


Stella Magdalen said...

That is so weird, yesterday, out at IKEA, at about 11:40 my housemate and I were quoting Anne Frank......
Plate 'o shrimp my friend, plate o' shrimp.

Anonymous said...

Possibly THE greatest museum on earth is in Amsterdam, too.