Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Money (a re-do)

For Gerta and Neese, a little Patti from when we all were young and raisin' other people's children (oh, so arrogant and without tread on the road), raisin' 'em up on Patti and the Ramones; Children's Community Center and all its crazy inheritance - from the Weather Underground folks to the Rainbow People's Party folk to Sherry and Neal-Neal Banana Peel and down to us. All those baby-childs that we raised up on Patti are 35-40 years old now! Yowza! Where are they now?! What a place! What a time! A moment of history. And we were there. Love ya still.


la p said...

el p-
thank you...
love you with all my heart.

thank you for my Patti,
and memories,
and persevering down a long

you are my precious,
la p

Sandi said...

We were there and now we are here. Frankly, I can't figure out how I got to be so old. And, still, I keep complaining that I want more time. But the memories...Ah, the memories!

el poquito said...

patti's all gray now too, still out there blazin' with her poetry and song making new memories, as are we.

we ain't nearly done.