Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Do you know which way I went?
I remember seeing me the other day
talking with the homeless woman
about her missing child -
the auto accident -
and the curse...
and noticing how she
folded and unfolded
the origami change purse
she held nervously in her hands...
telling me her story,
that was my story too,
about the tragedies that had
broken her,
and broken her again
into a pile of human shards
scattered across the land...
unrecognizable from the fine
strong vessels
we once were

Yesterday I was high in the mountains
crossing a dangerous pass -
Dead Man's Pass...
It was too long a journey.
I was so tired...
Last I recall I was looking out the window of the train,
looking out upon the savanna --
The light and heat were beating down upon us
and the gazelles were running swiftly away
fleeing from the hard-breathing animal
that snaked it's way through the plains.
Did you see me come by here yesterday?
Do you know which way I went?

Later I remember seeing me
methodically shoveling the dirt.
How do you move a mountain?
One shovelful at a time...
Restoring hope can take time that way -
like moving a mountain
with a shovel.
It can be done.
I've seen it happen
many times.
But renewal does not birth easily.
Did you catch a glimpse of me?
Do you know which way I went?


Shark said...

Cool photo there in the mirror, El P! Nice work!


Sandi said...

I haven't seen you but I have felt you on the wind, the vibration that early announces that hope is heading in.

el poquito said...

heh. thanks sharkie.

sandi - it's always somewhere out there on the breeze isn't it? guess it's just a matter of finding the right tradewind and keeping on keeping on until we come upon it even if we're in the doldrums for the moment...

m - yep, comin' out of the doldrums (I think). back to that keeping on keeping on. where'd i put that shovel? there's still a lot of mountain to move.