Thursday, September 18, 2008

Autumn Equinox: a triptych - part l

Monday morning the sun's path will cross the equator as he moves southward. Autumn equinox - the first day of fall. The West is the direction of sunset, autumn and reflection; transition and death. It calls us to look within, gather the harvest, prepare for the winter. It was three years ago, in the night of the first day of autumn that the earth opened up to me. I found myself far below this "worldly life", struggling to keep a foothold. I wrote this immediately after receiving the final news in the hospital that my life would never be the same.

There are many events in a life that are crossroads moments - when life spins on a dime, never to be the same... We all, at one time or another, are swallowed by the earth - falling down the rabbit-hole.

This was written in a heavy morphine haze - I believe written by me, to me - an instruction manual in survival in less than 125 words. I offer it for others who find themselves walking a labyrinth.

The Labyrinth

Trust the process;
the process of twists and turns,
left, right, forward, back…
twisting, turning,
seemingly backwards, upside-down, inside-out,
yet always forward, always forward...
Tiahui. Tiahui.
Forward in courage -
with open heart, open mind,
open Spirit, open eye.
I find my way to the center.
I claim the core, the Heart of hearts.
Remembering the old ones; the young ones;
the Ancient Ones; the new ones yet to be...
Remembering the fabric
from which I’ve come.
Alchemy in the process,
changing me from rough gray lead
to shining burnished silver
ornamented with stones of turquoise.
Re-minding me Home.

Trust the process.
The process of twists and turns,
Seemingly backwards, upside-down, inside-out,
Yet always forward.
Always forward.


tarzan said...

Ed, this has become one of my favorite pieces you’ve written, you describe it perfectly…..
“The process of twists and turns,
Seemingly backwards, upside-down, inside-out,
Yet always forward.”

I have been touching the backwards a lot here lately, but I just need to return back there for awhile, as where I’ve been seems to give me strength to go forward. (if that makes any sense) My progress is living your words with all the jumbled motions within me……thank you.

el poquito said...

"my progress is living with all the jumbled motions within me."
indeed tarzan.
two steps forward, one step back they say, but sometimes it's more like forward, back, side-step, loopty-loop and doe-see-doe. it's all dancing isn't it?
always forward.
tiahui - forward in courage.

Sandi said...

Ah, the journey is not made with the feet. Still, I lose my balance. I love this piece! I felt these things for a long time. I don't often move forward with courage but I do always move forward.

el poquito said...

"I don't often move forward with courage but I do always move forward."
- that's all courage is to me: the moving forward - not being frozen by the fear, but still moving even with the fear... despite the fear. we have done this many times...