Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The End -- and The Beginning

there's all kinds of roads out there
good roads, bad roads,
smooth ones, rough ones

you can find yourself going
through good neighborhoods or bad
they're all out there
to choose from --

look for me on the good road
hope to see you there

><><><>< This is the final scene from the last of the silent film era. A favorite. See you on the good road. ><><><><
The new patch of dirt el poquito is digging: www.flowerandsongartgarden.blogspot.com


Elia said...

I love Flor y Canto!

el poquito said...

thanks for dropping by, Elia. Hope you're doing well.

I've hopped over to a new spot now - just a change of scenery after finishing this li'l project up. You can find more 'flor y canto' and other stuff here: http://www.flowerandsongartgarden.blogspot.com/

Here's to a good Spring and fresh starts!

el poquito