Monday, September 13, 2010

wash my spirit clean - haiquatro

my thoughts were angry
holding me hostage again:
they were only thoughts.

Previously, I
held many beliefs sacred:
they were only thoughts.

Yesterday was hard.
I do not remember more:
they were only thoughts.

Today, rejoicing
in lightning, thunder and rain:
my spirit is washed.


May K. Cobb said...

Beautiful, el po. Just beautiful!

Sandi said...

I am so moved.

el poquito said...

thank you, May. Nice to see you.

Sandi ~ Hey! Hi to all back at Camp Sara. Hope all's well out your way.

Dedalus1947 said...

Ride the storm, viejo! Oh, and listen to the Blues.

el poquito said...

thanks, D. Ridin' those high waves ~~
the soundtrack provided by Steel Wheels - "A Long Way to Go" an Appalachian blues of sorts:

"hands to plow
seeds to sow
love is not a concept
when you see that garden grow
won’t be too hard to find rest"

Sylvan Woman said...

Ah, the difference between beliefs and thoughts. Profound.

el poquito said...

hey SW. Wanna play in the rain?

Anonymous said...

edwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar: miss you dearly.. where and when is a sweat?gert

el poquito said...

gert, dunno. they happen. but i'm kinda out of the loop -- and most all loops these days, except for my membership to 'Curmudgeonly Hermits and Tricksters' - a small and mostly anonymous group. It's my kinda group - we never meet. Most of my sweating these days is at the gym working out and in the sauna. Both, a big part of the 'Maintaining Re-mission Program'- sweatin' for life. Call for further information. Operators are standing by.

; )