Monday, August 30, 2010


haiku for my sons

Never looking back
Fixing on your own North Star
Your sails billow full


Sylvan Woman said...

This is totally beauty and song. Well done, el po.

el poquito said...

Thanks, SW. My oldest launched into marriage a few weeks ago; the younger launched back into the Great Lakes and waters beyond - both, heading toward their own North Star.

This moment: wow. just wow. and looking toward my own North Star. Ain't life grand?

Precious moments inside the ordinary.

Fair winds to ya, and skilled navigation when the winds are a frenzy.

Dedalus1947 said...

What can one say? Sail On! Take every wave,swell,storm, and typhoon as it comes. You will survive.

el poquito said...

One thing I've learned through the sailor: There will ALWAYS be storms. It's all about how you handle yourself in the storm and even then, there's no guarantees. But if we hone our skills with discipline, we're better prepared when the big ones hit. Any sailor will tell you that.

...and then there's making sure to stop and count every one of those idyllic days, also. Each one is prized.

May K. Cobb said...

This is beautiful!

el poquito said...

hey there, May - thanks for dropping by and checking out my corner of the vast 'hood of cyberlandia. Feel free to rummage through the cupboards -- although that's all history and what's done is done. I'm more interested in what's 'next' now - and in things like your project. I checked into it a bit - now I need to go back and learn more. Or wait for your book.

May K. Cobb said...

Dear el po,

I'm really digging your corner of cyberlandia. And your cupboards are bursting full! I love your writing, your way with words--all of it is so inspiring. It's great getting to know you better,
May :)

el poquito said...

thanks May. Always nice when someone finds something in the back of the cupboard - just sitting there - waiting. Glad there was something for you to munch on.

; ) el