Saturday, June 5, 2010

Revival Haibun

I’m not so much interested in
learning how to die
as I am in practicing how to live.

If you only knew how the earth
really can open up and swallow you whole,
how a complete universe can disappear
in the blink of an eye
regardless of your nationality,
race or religious affiliation,
despite your status, wealth or a future
secured with a pension and good insurance policy,
equally devouring the believers
and the non-believers alike,
with a ravenous, insatiable appetite.
If you only knew ---

you would live as if
this moment really counted --
as if you counted.


Sandi said...


White Eagle said...


el poquito said...

Indeed, Sandi. You know well.

and Stella, nice to tune in down the hall and connect. Do I smell curry?

Eag, thanks.

and to all stopping in.

Dedalus1947 said...

No comment. Thank you, viejo.

tarzan said...

Again I walked over and studied the gold am I going to spend it, I only have a moment to make up my mind....thanks for the reminder, I'd better get busy!

el poquito said...

It's so theoretical for some....

and then not at all for some, or really, all of us, but some KNOW, like the woman I spoke with today who has suddenly lost use of half her body - she knows - it's all about finding the 'sweet spot' the 'good spot' - regardless. Sometimes, especially because.

The mind is a garden. Many seeds drift in. I ask myself, "will this thought help me? Will it help the 'sweet spot' grow? No? Weed it out. Yes? Nurture it, protect it, help it grow.

It's your garden, dear. All yours. Smell the flowers each and every day.

I told you I'd be checking.

; )

Anonymous said...

Yes! Thanks my friend.


el poquito said...

You're welcome. Reminders -- I need lots of reminding to keep my focus sharp as yours is right now. xoxo