Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Cinco de Mayo Gift for Arizona - a day late


I'm thinking once again: 'I need to get me a machete.' What can I say? Boys with toys? They're really good for whacking down those overgrown jungle parts of the back forty?

They're cool. That's good enough.

And then this li'l sump'n passes my way...

Synchronicity? Coincidence? Recruitment?

hahahaha! Yes, it's hysterical -- in every sense of that word. And here's another word for ya: Mexploitation. Soon we'll have a movie about it that looks like it's got a little sump'n for everyone - from your basic slasher aficianado to yer Lindsay Lohan fan [as the pistol packing nun!] to your stay-at-home activist [you just never know who your neighbors really are].

Yep. Time to get that machete in time for the premiere. Here's a special trailer to whet America's appetite:


Anonymous said...

And here I was just gonna settle for calling and telling them how I felt about their freakin' law and where they could put any thought of getting my travel dollars - Sylv:
Contact Us

Arizona Office of Tourism
1110 W. Washington Street, Suite 155
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Phone: 602-364-3700
Fax: 602-364-3701
Toll-free visitor information: 1-866-275-5816

el poquito said...

Thank you, Sylv! Of course I could count on you! Yep, I'm gonna have to give them a call and tell them that li'l trip we planned to the Grand Canyon is gonna need some reconsidering until they do some reconsidering. Bless you; nice to 'see' yer still kickin' some butt!


tarzan said...

This reminds me of when we took our first trip to old mexico and I watched in amazement as workers swung the machete's along side the road clearing brush..... If put to music, their skills could be a beautiful performance of art.

We purchased a machete while there, and to just hold one or try to swing it is to realize the strength it takes to use one with skill.... Believe me, anyone who can, knows what they're doing and they're not to be messed with.

I too will stay OUT of AZ until those who "think they own it", wake up and learn what living in a free country really means.

el poquito said...

Bless yer heart, Tarzan.

Older movie I keep meaning to pick up and view again: "A Day Without a Mexican" - teaches an eye opening lesson through humor. It may be what Arizona soon looks like - one can only hope.

Shark said...

Great trailer. Definitely an old school approach. After the overdone special digital effects of recent releases, it's nice to see some basic, realistic blood and guts -- and some low-riders doing their tricks in real time with no "strings" attached. Thanks for sharing.

Um... one quick question though:

El P, what's your interest in the Mexican immigration issue? I thought you were Jewish.


PS: Is it part of Jessica Alba's contracts that she only be shown in a sleeveless white "wife-beater" t-shirt?! I ain't complain', mind you... I mean, to me -- she looks better than a young Marlon Brando...

el poquito said...

RE: "El P, what's your interest in the Mexican immigration issue? I thought you were Jewish."

Okay, I'll bite.

I could see the confusion. It's that diaspora/exodus thing.

In fact, the right wing fundamentalist christians might want to reference the Book of Exodus as Biblical reference on the immigration issue. Yahweh has a thing or two to say on the subject.

Yep, Mexican-American here; Chicano - acknowledging the never fully assimilated Indio, the indigenous roots that run deeper than any border. On the census I listed as 'Hispanic' and non-tribally affiliated Native American. Gotta be specific in how you count.

How can the problem really be migration? EVERY living thing migrates. All peoples in ALL times have migrated - since forever. Just as the birds and critters. So now - suddenly it's a problem? I don't think so. Seems more like a square footage problem to me: i.e. too many rats in the cage fighting over finite resources.

The earth will right itself. Doesn't mean all 6 billion plus of us will be here to see it happen. In fact, it'll probably happen faster the fewer 'domesticated' primates there are. Once Mama's done housecleaning.

Exodus is a very old story. It's a modern story as well. Mexicans, Indians, Europeans, Africans. Asians, Semites - and how many Haitians wish they could leave that Hell-Hole?!

Believe me, Detroit starts lookin like Haiti and I'll be migrating too - heading south - to get INTO Mexico. I have a standing invitation. Lucky me. It's called survival! Same thing that motivates your average Mexican to the north.

Recommended reading - Both by Luis Alberto Urrea:

'The Devil's Highway' - heavy, difficult, challenging piece of reality of a very real place - the border. Cuts through all the political theory argument.

'Into the Beautiful North' a lighthearted, but deadly serious look at migration.

And for your viewing pleasure: 'A Day Without a Mexican'. --- or just use your imagination for that. Hah!

Oh Shark! You love throwin' a little kerosene on the fire, doncha?! haha. And yes, Ms Alba getting all radical - hangin' with the homies - pretty funny, but does she REALLY look better than Marlon? I'm just sayin' ... gotta admit, Jessica's got nothing on young Marlon/Stanley Kowalski stud-puppy....

Now if you just put a machete in each of their hands -- that might be the tie breaker. Hmmmm...