Monday, January 4, 2010

December on the North Sea

Come aboard. This is Popeye's ride - crossing the North Sea from the Netherlands and arriving into Copenhagen. He makes an appearance at 2:09.

Now he sits in our living room watching television, catching up on 'pop culture', asking: "who is so-and-so?" some pop icon he's never heard of. He's been blissfully ignorant of such things while passionately engaged in others. Now he's recovering, regaining his bearings for 'the next thing' which still is yet to appear on the horizon.


tarzan said...

As the excitement of the North Sea rushed through my heart, I couldn’t help but feel jealous of his adventures. Even with the hard work, cold, and danger, does he know he is living other’s dreams? In whatever manner he chooses next, many of us will be going with him if only in our spirits. God speed popeye, and thank you.

el poquito said...

Glad you enjoyed the ride, Tarzan. Yep, he's living his dreams - definitely. From the moment he saw his first tall ships at 12 yrs old, he knew he would be doing this and has worked hard for years. Only 9 yrs later, he's a skilled seaman. It's one of those remaining corners of the 'Old World' where one can still apprentice, put in their due, earn their way and learn the old skills that remain unchanged.

And yeah, there's more than a few of us who are living vicariously through him.

So now, if ever you're feeling the need for some freedom - hop on board - play it again. Cross the North Sea and feel the wind and the spray. The ship will always be here, ready to set sail with you again.

Sylv said...

She's a beauty and what a trip! I'm glad that Popeye is home sharing his adventures with you and catching up on the pop culture that he's missed, which is really small compared to what he's gained.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Fantastic. Amazing. I'm running out of exclamations. What a trip -- not only to build it, but to sail it, especially in such challenging waters and weather: wow. Experience of a lifetime... and how many of us can say that?


el poquito said...

hey Sylv & shark,

thought you'd both enjoy this snippet of life w/Popeye today at home:

He comes up to me after some TV viewing and says,"Have you seen the video music awards?"

Thinking they had just been on, I shrugged, "no."

"You shoulda seen it," he says laughing, "Taylor Swift was accepting her award and Kanye West got up on stage and grabbed her mike and started talking about Beyoncé....."

"Uh, That happened about 6 months ago."

"Oh," he said and turned to walk away to watch more TV and find out what other stupid crap he missed this past year while he was busy living.

Anonymous said...

The YouTube window was open today and I showed Popeye's adventures on the North Sea to my students.
They were impressed and awed...
How do you get to do that? asked the wide eyed 3rd and 4th graders.

Opening possibilities and letting them know their inspirations can carry them far.

Thank you Popeye and El Po.
Love, La Po

Mickey Sperlich said...

Ah...what a beautiful interlude of freedom and adventure on my day slogging across the computer keyboard!
Thanks, Popeye, for living the dream....and thanks to El Po and his Momma for raising him to pursue his heart's desire...

el poquito said...

hey, thanks Mickey. Glad to provide you a North Sea escape from work!