Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Place at the Table

My recent absence was partly due to my attention being elsewhere with four folks I know passing over these past few weeks. Grief and loss being a large part of navigating the emotional seas, I offer this in honor and memory of Tom, James, Ann & Robert [and many others].

A Place at the Table

how did this come to be?

that you would cross my path

at this particular time -

this time like no other time

entering as an old friend walking through

the back porch screen door with the tear in it

that the cats go through.

and there you are standing in my kitchen

looking for your favorite coffee cup

the one with The Incredible Hulk on it -

and your seat at the morning table with the view

overlooking the side yard.

it’s all so neighborly familiar

only thing is usually the neighbors aren’t

that friendly here but you

you’re another story with your

1970’s gigantic glasses still worn by

you and Carol Channing only

your odd quiet ways both comforting and discomforting

at the same time

your powwow hat with the chemo sucks button challenging those

who’d rather not talk about that cancer of yours

that cancer that never could own you

but in the end hovered over you and whispered

in the night that it would not be going away -

not until you went away also

and when that night finally came

and your breath exhaled:




coyotes wailed

owls hushed.

we didn’t realize that you’d gone

and would not be coming back.

but you are gone

gone gone


but still

when we set the table

we try to remember to give you the cup

with the Incredible Hulk on it

and the seat with the view

of the side yard

and the peony



Pastor Michael said...

Beautiful. Moving. Inspired. profound. Thank you.

el poquito said...

Hey Michael! I was just thinking of you and all this week. Good to 'see' you. I'd explain my disappearance more, but then I'd have a lotta 'splainin' to do, as I've disappeared in different arenas to different extents, but as you see, this el poquito fella's still rollin' along!--- All my best to you and yours and all on the phone callers. I'll surprise-ambush you someday when you least expect it! love to you and yours

Sandi said...

What Pastor Michael said.

el poquito said...

yo! Sandi! thnx & saludos
; )

tarzan said...

The beauty is that in one still moment, a flashing memory, or a passing view of something they loved, they will always be there with you.

el poquito said...

Only a thought away; as me with you. Hey, Tarzan!

Mickey Sperlich said...

el poquito...
crying as i read your beautiful tribute to our dear one gone.
thank you so much.
sending you love...

el poquito said...

Hey Mickey, and love backatcha, to you and your'n. Always nice to see your smilin' face. hey, Scott!

May K. Cobb said...

Absolutely beautiful, el poquito....