Monday, October 12, 2009

Pleasure Haiku

first taste of flower

first wind under her fresh wings
nectar on the tongue

>!< >!< >l< >l<

tender monarch feet
mariposa newborn breath
ever so lightly

>!< >!< >!< >!<

flower nectar joy
fills ecstatic wings lifting
now levitate home

>!< >!< >!< >!<


Anonymous said...


Sandi said...

This is just flat out amazing! I am loving it!

Dedalus1947 said...

Que maravilla! What a marvel of life!

Heather said...


i've been having a bit of fun with haikus lately. =)

el poquito said...

Hey there! Nice to see you all. Glad you're enjoying being in the 3rd/4th grade with me. Kinda fun to recall being that age and filled with wonder at the discoveries of the world yet to be discovered.

Somehow I think each of you is still filled with that wonder of each added day.

and Heather, you know how I love to throw down with the poetry - if you'd care to share any here, you're more than welcome - and if anybody TRIES to squelch you - you're big brother here has the power of "Delete"! but I don't think anyone would here.

I haven't been around the 'other place' much, so not sure what's up, but whatever is up as I said:

"I think each of you is still filled with that wonder of each added day."

Yep. I KNOW that.

Si, que maravilla!

Monarch days to you all: Sunny skies and fair winds.


ps - re: haiku - these have played a big part in my cognitive recovery program with the ol' chemo-brain. 17 syllables - just enough mental labor without overtaxing. goes along with the meditation also. You know those Old Haiku Boyz: Basho, Issa and all, they were basically wandering monks - hiking, composing haiku and meditating. If you haven't met them yet, they're waiting for you at your public library.

have fun!

Bryan Wang said...

Love your pics, love your poetry, love your mojo. Thanks for sharing it all.

-- Bryan

P.S. Thanks for the comment on "Descent." See you around!

Anonymous said...

Your poetry is so beautiful.

How do you do such great writing and think of those powerful words?

We are inspired by your haiku and now we are trying our own.

Thank you,

la po's class

el poquito said...


Thanks Bryan for the good word, encouragement and for stopping by.


hey Kids at School!

You asked, "How do I think of those words?"

Hmmmm. It's kind of like going apple picking. There's lots of apples on the trees; how do you choose which tree to pick from and which apples to pick? You follow your nose. Certain apples will jump out at you - "I want that one!" and then "that one."

Then you end up with a bag of lovely apples - each one could be a word. Collect words you like; put them together into phrases about butterflies, or apples, or feeling the cold wind. Use all your senses - all seven [most people say five]: your eyes, ears, smell, taste, touch, heart and intuition. Play with the words in 5 syllable phrases, when you end up with six, is there a syllable you can take out to make it 5 - or can you add one more to make it 7? Play with lines of 5 syllables, and lines of 7 syllables.

Now it's like a puzzle fitting it all together: what if I take this line here and mix it with this one here?

I write lots of variations - and out of twenty maybe there's three that work for me. When it works you feel it. The words say what your seven senses experience.

Make each word, each line count.

Read haiku. Where did it come from? When? Who were the early Japanese poets who wrote these? What kind of life did they live that made them notice the cherry blossoms, morning dew, spring in the mountains?

There are lots of forms of Japanese poetry and others. Another favorite of mine is the Haibun. They tell a little story with a haiku at the end to give it a surprise.

Look up Basho, Issa and Buson to start.

Play, play, play with words. Have fun!

Haiku with a picture you paint or draw can be a lovely piece of art.

Can't wait to see what you guys do!

Go get busy!