Sunday, March 1, 2009


I wait for a sign:
a movement, a rustle - a stirring in the air;
a bird's call in the distance,
a cry for a vision.

I wait for a sign:
a word spoken, a dream remembered,
a conversation overheard -
one about freedom:
about the jail doors flinging open
and the prisoners set free;
about the hospital beds emptied,
and the patients all healed;
about hunger ending tomorrow
because we decide it so.

A dream about freedom
is only that: a dream.
A leap into the Unknown
is always that: a leap.

Standing at cliff's edge,
wings ready to take flight,
I wait for a sign -
the right cross wind
to climb
to the top

Invisible Mystery
stronger than fear,
I leap into
your current
carried on thin air
and trust.
"Do not look back
or give harbor
to doubt."


Claudia Makowski said...

Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like it so very much, it moved me beyond words, Thanks so much

kathryn said...

Hi Ed! I've stopped by before, but didn't leave a note. Your space here is very nice, and I love the photographs.

Do not give harbor to doubt! Wow, Ed! You are truly becoming one of my favorite poets. I always take something away from your writing.

And you are one cool, dude!


Sandi said...

Ah, I love the idea that there is something stronger than fear. This piece is fluid, hypnotic. I want to leap, too. Thanks!

el poquito said...

Thanks for dropping by to sit at the table a moment (and all you other folks too, sitting quietly with your tea who drop by from time to time).

Kathryn. your noting of that line: "Do not give harbor to doubt" reminded me of my inconsistency as demonstrated in these lines from another poem of mine:

I do not know what healing looks like,
but I know it keeps friends
With freedom and hope,
and courage enough to stand in the fire,
to look into eyes of terrible and fierce,
And courage to stand while feet are on fire
and embrace the serpent with terrible eyes
and breath that breathes down our necks.
I’ve climbed on his back,
been carried below,
and found there’s no courage without fear.
In this quest for healing, no faith without doubt,
No sureness in knowing the cure.


So, to sum up:
do not give doubt harbor


no faith without doubt

I stand behind my inconsistent truth (as I see it)

Sandi - there's gotta be something stronger than fear. There's hundreds of things, I'm sure. But that's not the propaganda fear's been spreading around! He wants us to believe he's the biggest bad-ass on the block.

I don't think so.

tarzan said...

ah......Ed, "Hanblechya" my favorite of everything you've written!

el poquito said...

thank you tarzan. glad it spoke something to you.