Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a lighter side of the holidaze

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Sandi said...

Whoa, the El P family sure does have the moves! Hahahahahahahahaha! Thank you for that! Really, thank you!

Stella Magdalen said...

It's all pretty surreal, but Popeye is just killin' me

el poquito said...

Keepin' it (sur)real.

And Popeye? he's back with us for a few weeks. Next stop: Holland - building a tall ship, then sailing to Egypt.

Piracy and war. Talk about surreal. This parenting thing didn't come with much of a Surreal Warning Label!

lakshmi said...

Ed, this is so great! I should try it next year, with my 11 in-house relatives. You're all such fabulous dancers!

Auntie Lala

claudia said...

Hey El,
Thanks for the reminder about the "Weebols". My kids use to tell me that all the time while going through treatment and I suppose I forgot that even if treatment is over, I'm still considered a weebol unless I don't have a problem with walking and we know....that's apparently not the case in my book! Thanks again for the quick reminder