Tuesday, October 14, 2008

heh. guess you're not inside my mind....

It's been pointed out to me that I confused some folks with my Autumn Equinox Triptych. I'm sorry to have not been clearer. All is well with my health. It has been 3 years now since my first becoming ill and I needed to wrap that chapter up. It's been a journey, and markers like the Autumn Equinox are like a wrinkle in time. It seems like yesterday on some days; like a lifetime on others. One of my coping skills is to write my way through a challenge. Writing/ Paddling, one in the same. Must keep paddling forward. And I am. So I apologize if I caused any of you any concern.

These days my mind is filled with these words/thoughts/images:
Oases - as in planned resting places in my mind, week, routine;
Carrots - as in the kind I reach ahead for;

Good words, all. Any and all worth kicking around, mulling over and reflecting upon.

"The mind is the medicine." -Tlakaelel

As you see, I've come far since "surviving." I am fortunate. I'm sorry if I gave any other impression. Life is good. Very good.



tarzan said...

Will….that mysterious matter that makes us do what we may not even want to.

Intention…..our efforts to think, feel and do what's best, even against that which fights back.

Determine…..our right to choose, and if you drop the e and add an “ation” on the end, it becomes our goal.

Persevere…….A survivors job, and you are indeed doing it very well my friend.

These words, tempered by blind faith, leads us to our oasis . tarzan

Shark said...

I love you two.

Ed, you know why.

And Tarzan, one of the many reasons for you is the comment above.

Words are spirit and magic made manifest -- and yall are both getting to be quite the magicians.

I'm taking these words on the rest of the Journey.


el poquito said...

And I am so grateful to be paddling along the same river as the two of you who "get it, know it, live it."

Tarzan, I love your fleshing out of the words with your own. Shark, you know I feel the love and send it on back.

Thank you both for being a part of my fabric and allowing me to be a part in yours....
xo - el p.

Sandi said...

I'm not sure if your blog is an oasis or a carrot for me. Maybe both. All I know is that I so look forward to new entries! Can't wait to read your next one!

el poquito said...

Sandi, throw your canoe, kayak, rowboat, inner-tube, whatever into the water with us. We're paddling - heading to the next carrot,
(I think I can, I think I can... - The Little Engine That Could)
and to the next oasis. It's a beautiful autumn day and what could be better?
Glad you're here paddlin' along side.