Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flor y Canto - a sestina by el poquito

What I leave you is a flower
and a well-loved song.
This will be your inheritance
to pass on to the next generation
of vital, young ones that have
patiently waited to receive. 

In all that I receive, 
it is the aroma of the flower
in the dream that I have, 
in the birth of the song, 
being sung to the next generation
of all that is rich and worthy of inheritance.

All the riches of inheritance, 
all the gifts you receive, 
are the music - the generation
of poetry in flower, 
of love into song
and all that I have

because all that I have
to give you for inheritance
is the poetry of a song
that was given to me to receive -
the blossom of a flower
from an ancient generation.

And to your generation...
all the dreams that I have, 
all the colors that flower, 
all the beauty of inheritance
and wealth to receive
I give you as a song

to be heard in your heart, a song
to be passed to the next generation
awaiting to receive
all that we have
to give as inheritance:
the song and the flower.

Rising up in song, I give you all that I have:
the melody, the generation of loving inheritance...
the light we receive like a garden in flower...


Shark said...

Gorgeous. I shouldn't say more; I should let it just sit in the stillness and exude its melodies and odors.

Later, I will gently wrap it up and hand it over to a youngster.


el poquito said...

you already do "hand it over to a youngster" every day. And he's a lucky little dude for it.